Tim Walker Exhibition

Tim Walket Exhibition at Somerset House

There are some things that you just cant describe and you need to see. The Tim Walker, exhibition is one of those extraordinary occasions. His photography work is of another world, a world where everything is out of proportion and has an unconventional beauty.

“The way I work, I have a mood in my head, a feeling for something. Almost like a set of directions, a map of how to get through the day” Tim Walker

As I arrived on a snowy day, Somerset House looked beautiful and it just added to the enchanting exhibition. My favourite work was the ‘Blue Spitfire’ collection of photos in 2009. The photos are from another time 1940s, where glamour and romance still lived.

 Another photography collection that I always adored is ‘The Tale of the unexpected’ for Vogue in 2008. The dark gothic fairy tale images, including Tim Burton, collaborate brilliantly together. The two Tim’s are both on the same fairy tale page, with a slightly night mere approach to capturing an image but done in a beautiful way.

This is a must see exhibition, Its includes life size props from photoshoots, creating a art installation of Tim Walkers work. Film footage from photoshoots and his work displayed in quirky frames. Overall a great visual adventure and insight into Walkers world.