Marilyn: Intimate Exposures

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition: Intimate Exposures

Proud galleries are exhibiting photos of Marilyn by Bruno Bernard, to celebrate iconic 50th year since her death.

“Bruno professionally known as the legendary “Bernard of Hollywood”. He photographed Hollywoods brightest stars but best know for discovering Marilyn”.

Marilyn (Norma Jane) and Bruno first met in 1946 when she was working as a receptionist at a dentist. He invited her for a photo shoot and the rest is history.

I found this exhibition to be like no other of Marilyn, as it shows her before she became the iconic star we all know and love, before her images got plastered across any retro themed event. The exhibition is like a back stage pass to her life. It shows photos of her when she was quite young and almost innocent, with brown hair. To her most famous moments when she became the flawless beauty.

If you want to see visions of the star for your self the exhibition is on till the 9th September 2012. It’s a small gallery but its free and prides itself on music and art.