Make & Believe Magazine

In addition to the fashion label, I am (Daniella Christina) launching a new online magazine. The magazine will explore fashion, culture and vintage across the UK.

Keeping the Make & Believe ethos as the design label, the magazine is all about individuality. The idea being an open door, showcasing talent and cultural news. As the unique culture with-in the UK has such a grand scope and that’s really what the magazine aims to support –bloggers, writers, artists, photographers, designers, musicians coming together to celebrate uniqueness.

“MAKE your mark and BELIEVE in individuality.”- Danielle(a)
(Creative Director)

I acknowledge that part of the challenge for all up-and-coming talent is the difficulty faced when trying to get work seen by those who can make or break their career. So this magazine is a tool, exhibiting work and giving talent a voice. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined”. – Thoreau

To celebrate the launch of the magazine there is going to be a event, showcasing fashion and live music. The event will take place in a art gallery, the magazine is collaborating with designers for a fashion show, along with UK musicians. It’s going to be a exhibition for all the art’s – musicians, fashion designers and artists.

CHECK-OUT the magazine –

If any bloggers/writters or creatives would like to attend the launch event on the 25th May, please contact