Hollywood Costume Exhibition at V&A

Hollywood Costume Exhibition at V&A

I had the pleasure of attending a private interview with the curator of the Hollywood Costume exhibition, Deborah Nadoolman Landis. During the interview Deborah described in depth her experience as a costume designer in Hollywood. Mentioning a lot of famous faces and films (she did the costume for Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson music video and many more). She makes it clear that the costumes are purely about the character in each film. That costume designers have to get inside the mind of each character to create something personal, that they would wear.

Listening to Deborah talk about her profession was truly inspiring and interesting. As she is very passionate about her work and gave a massive insight to the world of Hollywood.

You can watch the interview (I filmed on my phone) on YOUTUBE: http://youtu.be/OhEk3648vwM

After the interview, I went to the exhibition in London at the V&A. There was so much to see as was quite a interactive exhibition. You could listen to film directors and costume designers talk about character development in the films.

“Movies are about the people. They are at the emotional core of every film and it is their story that moves us. A film’s character holds our attention and are the endless fascination to the audience. Hollywood Costume is about the costumer designer’s role in bringing these people to life – from script the screen.”

My personal favourite costumes were, ‘Blade Runner’ (Rachel) and ‘The Blue Angel’ (Lola Lola). These characters played strong female roles and dressed appropriatley. They are very complexed, strong lead characters. Marlene dietrich role in the film has become a iconic image.

If you enjoy watching movies and love style, then i strongly recommend going to see the exhibition. As it gives you details behind ‘film’ in Hollywood and the costumes look beautiful (Yes, I seen the REAL rubby slippers)!