Fashion – 1920s Jazz Age

The 1920s was a revolutionary time in fashion, the decade banished the corset and brought liberation to the modern woman as fashion became free and luxurious. The silhouette gave women the freedom of movement (which allowed for more dancing) with raised hemlines and straight, loose fitted side seams.  With such a basic shape designers were able to elaborate garments with embellishment details. Such as beading, lace, french tassels, feathers and embroidery.

The exhibition at the Fashion & Textiles museum is a array of printed day dresses, fringed flapper dresses, beaded evening wear, velvet capes, silk pyjamas and stunning sportswear on mannequins. This is mixed with fashion photography from the age by renowned photographer James Abbe. His work was shown in leading magazines at the time such as Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar, featuring movie and theater stars that heavily influenced the decade.

The exhibition tells a story of not only a decade but the women in it, their social hobbies and home life. Most of all, the way women of the 1920s strive for freedom and liberation, to equal men and party like they had just been born.