Designing 007 Style

007 50 Years of Bond Style

This year marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond, from 1962 film the style of British best known action icon has continued to capture our imagination. With great costume design and gadgets, to impress any M16 agent.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary the Barbican museum is showcasing an exhibition on the Bond Films, So i had to go and explore the world of Bond, James Bond….

“The exhibition explores the craft behind the screen icons, the secret service and villains, tailoring and costumes, set and production design, automobiles, gadgets and special effects, graphic design and motion graphics, exotic locations, stunts and props.” Barbican

I have always thought Bond films have a unique style and charisma that is captured in the characters. This has been developed by my favourite costume designer, Lindy Hemming. Hemming has worked on the Bond Films though the years and many other action films (Batman films, Rising 2012). Her creative talent not only has made each actor/actress into the on screen characters but also won her several film awards. I am always impressed by her innate skill she gives each characters persona.

Bond Girls

Bond Girls come and go but each time they amaze the audience with their beauty and charm.











Personally my favourite Bond girls are the original Dr No. – 1962 Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson), with her classic beauty and scarlet dress. And modern day Casino Royale  – 2006 Vesper Lynd (Eva green), with her smart 1940s tailoring and elegant wit.