Biba and Beyond Exhibition

After reading ‘From A to Biba’ Autobiography by Barbra Hulanicki, I was drawn to see the Biba exhibition in Brighton. I have always admired Biba creations, not just fashion but a empire. The exhibition shows the world of Biba, from Brighton shop to London department store.

Barbra (Biba) has a unique trademark style, her designs are original of the era. As Biba was founded in the 1960s, the brand embraced the 60s-70s flare and each design embodied the spirt of the decade.

One of Barbra inspirations was Audery Hepburn in film, she often illustrated the actress in her designs. Winning a award for her illustrated design of Hepburn at the age of 18 which kick-started her career in fashion.

As style and culture moved forward so did Biba designs, as the shape of Biba garments expressed the vibrant style of each era but always keeping a art deco theme. The garments often had wild, bold patterns and textiles.

Twiggy soon became a muse for the Biba brand, being a icon figure in the 60s she embraced the image. Her baby doll look fitted Biba and her photos made the illustrations come to life.

The one thing that made Biba above the rest is the ability to create a show room in a store, giving that ultimate Biba experience. As the shops/stores where places to hang out and became a lifestyle for many.


If you want to find out more about the design label, I would strongly recommend reading the Autobiography.