Fashion – 1920s Jazz Age

The 1920s was a revolutionary time in fashion, the decade banished the corset and brought liberation to the modern woman as fashion became free and luxurious. The silhouette gave women the freedom of movement (which allowed for more dancing) with raised hemlines and straight, loose fitted side seams.  With such a basic shape designers were […]

Horst – Vintage Fashion Photography

Horst’s photography captured glamor and fashion during 1930s-1960s. He started working in black and white format, taking photos of iconic film stars (Vivien Leigh, 1936 and Joan Crawford, 1938) and mastering light effects to give his photography exquisite atmospheric shadows.  A perfect example of his use of shadow photography was in 1937 when he photographed […]

Fashion & Textiles: Picasso to Warhol

Most of the time we look back at the 1940s-50s with a black and white picture but the ‘Picasso to Warhol’ exhibition has a extraordinary resemblance to ‘Pleasantville’ (1998 suburban film set in the 1950s), where the picture comes to life and spreads across the screen with colour. The Fashion and Textile Museum in London, […]

Made in Britain: Brocade Parade

Made in Britain: Brocade Parade The new collection is inspired by British heritage and 1940s-50s silhouettes. Reflecting back to vintage ‘Balenciaga’, the designer’s elegant design style captured the decade. Balenciaga designed a collection of evening gowns in 1952, with floral fabric, sculpturing the faminin shape of the time. The collection was a collaboration between ‘Daniella […]